Lombok Timur Guide Is In Progress


It is believed that tourism drives the massive improvement of economic, education, and health. It can be seen from how tourism affects the number of social needs. For instance, visitors come to tourism places, there is no doubt that they will absolutely spend much money to purchase or to take care of their life. They need accommodation, transportation, medical care, food and drink, and other services.

This issue is coming up in Lombok. As can be seen, tourism in Lombok is being well established particularly natural resources. As matter of fact, among government, society and businessman are integrated to be involved in developing tourism in mutual agreement. This incorporation has significantly influenced the number of not only visitors but  job opportunities as well.

However, there are some matters that must be tackled by the government. One of those is human resources. In this case, to internationalize Lombok tourism, government plays an important role to take into account the educational aspect of tourism such as training, socializing, and encouraging people to be aware of the demand and supply of tourism itself.

In terms of human resources, tourism department called dinas pariwisata Lombok Timur and Himpunan Pramuwisata Indonesia (HPI) are now being cooperated in behalf of the development professional guide particularly in Lombok Timur. The first day of guide training which was conducted by Dinas Pariwisata Lombok Timur, ketua DPC NTB Himpunan Pramumuwisata Indonesia, DR. Ainuddin, MH conveyed that it was the first time Dinas Pariwisata Lombok Timur open minded to HPI since a decade of his period.

Due to the fact that a certified guide in Lombok is considerably less. Hence, this training of guide is aimed to boost the potency of participants in dealing with guide theoretically and practically in order to produce a professional guide. Even though this training was conducted in two days (17-18 Mei 2017), but it is considered as a stepping stone of the awareness of professional guide Lombok Timur. As result, there will be further training on it.   

Moreover, all social activities are relied on guide. A good thing can be wrong, a wrong thing can be good. It depends on how deeply the knowledge, skill and insight of guiding itself. On behalf of nation, guide is the representative of social identity. Therefore, what is taught in guide training in Tete Batu at surya guest house is one of way to establish moral value such as attitude, discipline, and cross culture understanding.

In fact, some guides in Lombok Timur are able to communicate in some languages, not only in English or Arabic but also in Italy, Spain, French and others. I think there is an optimism to get human resources ready particularly in guiding to face to global challenge of tourism. By training guide for group of people who are involving in tourism sector is enable guide to be well prepared in dealing with development of tourism in a wide world. Sooner or later, people call Lombok timur wow.   

By Yogi Birrul Walid Sugandi () -03


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